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HELP US SERVE YOU. Your Input Is Vital!

I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time to read this blog. I realize time is precious, and the fact that you are willing to spend a few moments here is not lost on me. I am taking a different approach this week in order to gain insight into how this ministry can better serve Christian educators. In order to do this, I need to take just a moment to share my heart with you.

It has been close to twenty years since God first laid this ministry on my heart. Over the years my desire and passion to serve Christian educators grew while God simultaneously worked to get me ready. I am still learning, seeking, and laboring. I yearn to come along aside fellow Christian educators and encourage them to shine the light of Jesus in their respective workplaces.

For too long I compartmentalized my faith. I never denied my faith, but to be honest and transparent, once I hit the schoolhouse door, I was in work mode, and my spiritual focus went on the back burner. Social media was not even a thought at the time, so the only way to get support was from people near me. Conversations with my colleagues stemmed around work, family, or leisure, but no one broached the topic of faith.

Teaching is a profession rooted in isolation. Teachers are not isolated from children, but their paths seldom cross with other adults during the course of the day for any significant length of time. Though it has improved over the last ten years (e.g., PLC time, common planning time), it is still very easy for educators to live the majority of our work lives on islands—and be okay with it!

This is probably why I feel so passionate about the ministry. I would have loved to have been connected with other Christian educators when I was a classroom teacher and an administrator. I often needed support and encouragement. The only way I probably survived was because of my husband. It was a true blessing to have a Godly spouse who was an educator. I’m going to chalk that up to divine intervention!

There is one thing I know for certain. We must continue to grow as believers. Spiritual maturity is the only way to experience the abundant life God has for us. While it is important to spend time alone with God regularly, I also believe God created us for community. We need each other, and there is so much we can do and accomplish for the Kingdom of God when we band together as believers. We don’t have to embrace isolationism anymore. As a result, Victorious Educator Ministries (VEM) seeks to develop a forum by which Christian educators can accomplish the aims listed below.

· Share how God is moving and working in schools.

· Seek guidance through God’s Word.

· Support each other through prayer.

· Grow spiritually in our walk with Christ.

· Gather together to build up one another.

Here is where you come in.

This ministry is still in its infancy stages, but we desire to grow and serve as many Christian educators as possible. We know God is capable of doing above and beyond what we can hope or imagine. We never want to limit Him! If you are like many of our members, you read the blogs and the posts but seldom engage. It’s okay. I get it. I do the same thing with other groups to which I belong. We pray that what we are putting out there is an encouragement to you whether you choose to engage or not. However, can I ask a favor this time?

Would you consider completing a survey for us so we can continue to serve you and grow this ministry? VEM obtained non-profit status a few months ago which requires us to do some fundraising. While this is a little intimidating and will be a learning curve for us, we are honored to raise funds that will open doors of service to you. This is why we need your input. We feel called to be good stewards of the funds and platform God has given us.

The survey will only take you a few minutes. Your feedback will be instrumental in determining our next steps as we pray for wisdom and discernment. It is an honor to serve you. Thank you so much for your support! We love you!

VEM Board Members:

Alison Gregory Mayfield, KY

Kathy Gross Springfield, MO

Vern Minor Cedar Hill, TX

Wendy Young Georgetown, KY



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